KAR Productions

A Broadcast & Media Production Suite

Welcome! KAR Productions is a video production and editing suite providing broadcast and media production services, sound production services and more for individuals and small businesses.  Whether you want to showcase your work with a portfolio, start a new business, an online shop, or have a wedding video done (or anything in between) I've got you covered! I hope you find lots of options.  If you don't see what you need, remember I've got lots of things in the works and you are always welcome to send me a request.


The first thing your client or customer interacts with is your media design but looking incredible is only half the battle.  Media designing isn't just about looking good, it’s about being solid and strong from the inside out.  Media is storytelling. Lets tell your story.  


Production development, media revitalization, media guidelines, identity packages, media launches and more.


Business or personal productions, media design and more.


Web broadcasts, web video, ecommerce stores, email newsletters, social media advertising, promotions and more.

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